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In 1993, Digital Equipment – then one of the most significant high-tech companies in the world – held a road show to highlight the growing importance of the Internet and the emerging digital economy. They invited senior executives of key clients – the CEOs, CFO, and CIOs of major corporations and government agencies – to attend the event. To kick the day off with a resounding opening message, they found Jim Carroll – then a new keynote speaker on transformation, innovation, the future, and disruption – and invited him to headline a 7-city’ road show’ event to educate, delight, and entertain its key customers.

This singular event became the defining moment for a 30-year career in which a vast number of major global organizations have engaged Jim Carroll to provide a key message at a critical customer or client event. Here’s an overview of just a few of the events and clients he has headlined over the years, including franchise events, tech companies, professional service firms, and more.

SAP: they have booked Jim for multiple events (+40!) throughout the world for keynotes focused on business transformation, digital innovation, opportunities for streamlining insight, and accelerating business operations. The events included multiple keynotes shared with the North American CEO, as well as detailed customer panels based on extensive consultation and exploration of customer success stories

Siemens Energy: he was the keynote speaker at an event for major energy/utility clients, with a talk that focused on the acceleration of the energy sector, including renewables, microgrids, battery storage technology, and industry transformation

Zurich Insurance: they invited Jim to speak at their 2022 global risk management conference, with a message on post-pandemic opportunities and the future of risk. Af us know that the ultimate impact of the global pandemic has been an acceleration of the many disruptive trends that were already well underway pre-Covid. Clearly, the global pandemic has changed the axis of our universe – what was disruptive before is now potentially massively transformative, and Jim’s talk provided a pathway forward

McKinsey: a keynote for a private, invitation-only event for the CIOs and CFOs of the top 25 global life and property/casualty insurance companies. Held in the wake of the 2008 stock market/housing market collapse, the talk focused on the opportunities for growth in an economic downturn

Schneider Electric: with a focus on the Industrial Internet of Things within the product line for its manufacturing customers, it needed a detailed keynote outlining the opportunities for this future technological path, and chose Jim Carroll to deliver it

KPMG: multiple client-oriented events in multiple cities for industry verticals, including the insurance, healthcare, and technology practices, each featuring attendance from CxO-level representatives of major clients

T. Rowe Price: featured Jim at a major investment client event in Baltimore, sharing his insight with over 2,000 senior executives on future growth opportunities in the global economy

Nikon Japan:  the dinner speaker for their 100th-anniversary gala dinner celebration in Tokyo, a major customer event

Baker McKenzie: a talk for major clients – mostly Chief Legal Officers or Chief Risk Officers for Fortune 500 companies – of one of the world’s largest law firms on the topic of the ‘future of risk’

Nestle Purina: 500 co-op clients, mostly farmers or within agricultural communities, with a keynote on how to deal with the potential ‘Amazonification’ of the agricultural feed and animal products industry, as well as insight on the future of agriculture

Aligntech: this global dental implant technology powerhouse arranged for Jim to speak to 500 key dental practice clients on post-pandemic strategies, how to innovate during a recession, and how to align to the massive acceleration of dental science

Microsoft: they’ve had him in speak at dozens of user groups and key customer events over the years, including participation as the keynote speaker for multiple-city customer roadshows

Hitachi Ventura: they invited Jim to outline the opportunity for digital transformation for CIOs of Fortune 100 companies

Computer Science Corporation: they took their most important clients to an event in St. Andrews, Scotland, for some intense discussion around the transformation and disruption of business. Thye invited Jim to provide the closing address on key strategies for moving forward in a time of acceleration

Ernst Young: they’ve booked Jim for multiple client-oriented events for industry verticals, including the healthcare and manufacturing industry sectors, each featuring attendance from CxO-level representatives of major clients

HP Mexico: CIOs of the largest Mexican private and public companies needed a talk on competing in the global economy; HP invited Jim in to share hsi insight on how our future world will unfold

Toshiba Australia: the impact of digital transformation and the acceleration of business – they featured Jim as their opening speaker for their most important annual event

Burger King: they had two speakers for their 2009 Global Franchise Conference – Leonard Nimoy (“Spock”) and Jim Carroll. One from the future, and one speaking about the future!

KOA Kampgrounds of America: what’s the future of camping and recreational vacations in the digital age? This iconic organization invited Jim to open its annual conference with a challenging message of opportunity.

These are just a few of the hundreds of such events Jim has spoken at. He has spoken at user group meetings for manufacturing companies, many franchise conferences, hi-tech customer events, and product launches, and within countless other industries. Each keynote is highly customized based on detailed research and is prepared in close alignment with the client to ensure his message fits within the overall strategic goal of the event.

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