Daily Inspiration: “The future you are looking for is the one you choose to create!”


“The future you are looking for is the one you choose to create!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

We all have choices and decision points in our lives. It’s what we choose to do with those moments that matter!

My own career has involved a regular series of ups and downs – moments of wild, crazy success followed by times of uncertainty and a lack of clarity. In each and every case, I’ve managed to reinvent myself, change my focus, and do the right things to carve a new and wonderful path – or put some rocket fuel behind an already existing trajectory.

Such as it was in 2016 – things were in a bit of a lull after a wild 8 year period following the 2008 economic downturn – I had built out a wonderful series of opportunities around a message of “innovating through a period of economic uncertainty.” And then, a variety of circumstances collided that necessitated perhaps the biggest reset of my personal and business life. Let’s just say that there was a massive potential future that I needed to realign myself to.

I hit the ground running, putting in a tremendous amount of effort to change my focus. Months of work all culminated in this wonderful event for a Canadian insurance firm, Gore Mutual. I walked out on stage, in front of several thousand people at an absolutely fantastic theater and stage setting – and was literally on fire inside with the passion of new opportunity. It is the moments like this when you hit the stage with your message – and all the things you’ve been working on click into gear – that your heart excels and your mind engages with the message of opportunity. As the band Supertramp noted, “when you’re up on the stage it’s so unbelievable.” Yup.

When people say that artists connect with the audience and it feeds into their performance, they are absolutely correct. Moments before I walked out on stage, Astronaut Chris Hadfield told his story of his 3 Space Shuttle missions – and he had left a little surprise for me as part of his routine to explain the nuances of gravity. That’s when I knew I had it – I walked out into my space and nailed my intro. Give this a watch!

My stage presentation that day was on fire! Here’s a brief highlight clip – up to this point, I had spent months, from August 2016 up until this day – working on new material, a new message, and new methods of interacting and engaging. It clicked – and I knew it! It really is true that you can read your audience – and what I was reading was fantastic!

Every new future deserves a great opportunity – and it’s what you do with those moments that matter!

Your future is right in front of you – it’s part of your reality each and every day. It’s what you choose to do at this very moment to make it work for you that will define the scope of your next reality. Make the right choice!


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