I’m seeing a lot of buzz within my global leadership client base about the need for short, customized, professionally produced pre-filmed videos that can take the place of virtual online events and keynotes.

This might include a pre-filmed video of TV production broadcast quality for internal distribution, or a series of weekly videos on a particular leadership issue, disruptive trend or other type of insight. I’ve been doing this already for years – a 20 minute production for Deloitte on the theme of “What Do World Class Innovators Do That Others Don’t Do“, filmed on set locations inside and outside; pre-filmed segments in my green screen studio with professional editing by my overseas video producer; and green screen video filmed in my world-class virtual broadcast studio.

I filmed a short clip in that very studio to put into perspective the scope of the opportunity – a video filmed in my virtual studio.

You need to stretch your mind to the opportunity – a good example of the professional level of what is possible is found in my Deloitte video:

You can get a sense of the editing and production quality I bring to your small screen with a few of my general trend videos, which were filmed in my home studio and edited by my producer with context sensitive footage to highlight the trends at hand.

Another example of this type of work is found with my “Disruptive Trends” series of videos which take an expansive look at professional produced event videos.

Or, consider this take on particular industry trend videos!

The era of Covid-19 ? When Salesforce, the worlds largest CRM technology platform, went looking for an industry expert to open their segment for the global InsureTech conference, they asked me  to update his in-depth industry insight with a detailed overview of how the insurance industry has been impacted by Covid-19. They asked me to deliver this in a concise 15 minute video that would be used in this virtual online conference.You can watch the entire video in one go right here.

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