Daily Inspiration: “Don’t just follow the trends – set them!”

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“Don’t just follow the trends – set them!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

If I had one throwaway answer that I used on stage when asked in the Q&A as to the difference between successful people and others, it was this:

Some people watch the future happen. Successful people make it happen. Be that person!

That about sums up your potential path into the future. You can’t sit by and be a partial observer – you need to a full-on participant!

When we look back at the era of Covid-19, we will be fully aware of the massive impact of many trends that are unfolding all around us right now. You are immersed in them in every moment. Are you aware of them, or are you too focused on the day-to-day operational minutiae that you are missing the world as it goes by?

Don’t stop there! Not only do you need to be able to identify new trends, but you must make the conscious decision to be a part of them.

Take the trend of virtual business globalization. Pre-Covid, personal interaction at local get-togethers was the key method of business development for many. Now, virtual interaction and online etiquette set the new bar of business interaction. What this means is that your potential for business growth is no longer dependent just upon the interaction you might have in your previously small local market. It’s not just defined by those that you might golf with – but by those you might Zoom with.

Long term, this is a substantive, transformation trend. In ten years, we will all be talking about the fact that one impact of Covid-19 is that we were no longer restricted in the potential size, scope, or reach of our potential market – the world truly became our oyster!

That’s not to say it’s easy to take advantage of this trend, but the key action is to accept this emerging reality – and then, work hard to make it happen.

In my own virtual case, the idea of a leadership keynote in Japan, Oman, Pakistan, Uzbekistan or Khurzikstan is no longer just a remote and exotic opportunity – it is distinct and realistic practicality. Eliminate the travel, deliver an awesome virtual product that literally no other speaker in the world is yet capable of delivering – and you’ve got an opportunity.

That’s my mindset!

It won’t be easy, will involve massive effort, and you’ll likely see a lot of failure along the way.

But when you look at your revenue numbers ten years from today, you’ll know one thing – you chose to be a part of the trend, rather than wondering why you missed out on it!






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