Daily Inspiration: “Rather than focusing on the downside of the negatives – try to find the upside in the positives!”


“Rather than focusing on the downside of the negatives – try to find the upside in the positives!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

Good morning! Have some insight with your Danish!

Here’s something that is not new : most people don’t like virtual events, and would rather attend live or ‘face-to-face’ meetings. No surprise there – event and conference industry forums are full of people throughout the industry who simply don’t like where we are and can’t wait until ‘we are back.’

Me too.

But here’s a gut-check reality – we’re not going back to where we were until, maybe, 2022. Maybe 2023. 2024 might be a long shot. People hate hearing that, but science has a cruel way of interrupting reality.

All around me, I see people whining and complaining about just how bad virtual is – but doing nothing to make it better. Take a sad song, folks! Virtual is all we’ve got – so we might as well make it better, better, better ….

That’s what I’m doing – there’s no benefit to whining other than ensuring a good workout for your vocal cords!

The bigger issue here is that countless industries continued to be buffeted by massive winds of change aka ‘business model disruption.’  Pre-pandemic, I detailed the many different forms of disruptive change coming to every industry through a very lengthy post, “The Reality of Disruption: (24 Reasons Why Your Company Might Die Before You Get Old)”.  If you want to understand your future and the imperative for the acceptance of your reality, read this post:

The Drivers of Disruption

Here’s the thing : these trends have not magically come to an end because of the global pandemic – and the fact is, many of them have accelerated to a significant degree!

And here’s the thing about disruption – most people view the negative impact it will have on their future, and don’t focus on the opportunities that come with it. The result is that one day, they find themselves on the wrong side of the opportunity it presents. That tends to happen when you focus on the negative and ignore the positive….

With that in mind, I’ve decided to launch a new video series from my virtual broadcast studio which I will run over the next several months: “Notable Keynotes – Lessons on Leadership.” Over the last 25 years, countless organizations have called me to share my insight, often at CEO-level events – in order to assist everyone in understanding their disruptive future. And these are not small operations : but organizations like Disney, NASA, the World Bank, Pfizer.

In these videos, I’ll outline the big, disruptive leadership issue which was on the table – and the approach that I took to help the top leadership team align to a new and dramatically different future. All with the goal of flipping the mindset….

It should be fun – stay tuned!


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