Guidance You Might Soon Need: “10 Rules for Working at Home”


As Covid-19 continues its relentless march to havoc, we might find a greater number of people finding themselves participating in the largest ever ‘work-at-home’ social experiment

If you find yourself in that circumstance, make sure you have a plan!

I’ve been working in a home office since 1990, and so with 30 years of experience under my belt, I have some insight into how to best manage your time, your sanity and your life.

And in fact, way back in 2003 – 17 years ago! – I wrote a post that included my list of ’10 Rules for Working at Home.’

It seems a good time to now share it!

In the area where I live, the school system has an annual “take your kid to work day” for Grade 9’s. Today was the day for my eldest son — and since I’ve been working at home for 18 years, I suggested it might not be a good idea to have him hanging around here for the day watching TV!

So we sent him off to work with the local grocery store……

18 years is a long time in a home office. Back in 2003, I wrote an article, “10 Rules for Working At Home.” Here’s the short list.

  1. Make a daily plan, set a commitment. You’ve got a job like anyone else, and quite simply, you have to get things done.
  2. Make space. Your home office has to be just that — an office. … do things to ensure that your office is “someplace separate.”
  3. Don’t feel guilt Don’t feel bad if you take some private time here and there! It’s part of the balance…
  4. Set boundaries. Learn to shut the door. That’s got to be the most important thing when it comes to developing a healthy separation between your work day and your home life.
  5. Kick back. In your home office, you’ll have a desk. That doesn’t mean you have to do all of your work there!
  6. Educate your coworkers. Working at home means that you are in the vanguard of a workplace revolution.
  7. Talk to your mailman. When you work at home, you’ve got to make sure that you replace water-cooler chit-chat with something else. Get out and talk to people!
  8. Appreciate the rewards! Love your job! Realize that you’ve got the best of both worlds — you’ve got a great career, and you get to spend time with your family.
  9. Plant flowers outside your window and buy a birdfeeder. Take the time to make a home office that will drive you to results, and that will spur you on to enjoy your work!
  10. Recognize that you get a lot more done. That’s a simple truth.
  11. Have a laugh. Did we say a list of 10? I have 11!


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