Video Sneak Peak : 2019 Stamford CIO Executive Leadership Summit


Stamford, Connecticut is a hotbed of innovative companies. It only makes sense that they should take on big, bold issues for 2019. With that, the HMG Strategy group, in combination with the Society for Information Management (Fairfield/Westchester) chapter are bringing me in for a talk on “What Do World Class Innovators Do that Others Don’t Do?”

In an environment in which the CIO for a large organization is faced with so many options, it’s important to get a message out to potential attendees. So I went into my green screen home studio and, with my overseas video producer, filmed some short video clips for sharing on social media, e-mail campaigns and other methods.

Here’s the keynote description. You can learn more here.

What Do World Class Innovators Do That Others Don’t Do?

Business model disruption. The rapid emergence of new competitors. The challenging impact of social media. Rapid prototyping and the global idea machine. The digitization of everything and the impact of hyper connectivity. Rapid technological change. 3D printing, self-driving cars, the acceleration of green energy technologies. All of these trends — and more — require that organizations pick up the pace when it comes to their innovation efforts! Because in this fast paced world, the future belongs to those who are fast!

For over 25 years, Jim Carroll has had the opportunity to study what makes some organizations excel at the concept of innovation while others do not. He has carefully catalogued their approaches, attitudes, leadership styles and strategies into a concise overview that is the secret-sauce of innovative thinking.

World class innovators possess a relentless focus on growth, continually transitioning their revenue source, and solving customer problems before the customer knows it’s a problem. They focus on upside down innovation by sourcing innovation ideas through their customers or through the acceleration of R&D on global collaborative networks. They concentrate on ingesting fast ideas; checking their speed and focusing on corporate agility; and focusing on long term wins through constant incremental improvements. They know that skills partnerships are a key success factor. Most importantly, world class innovators aren’t afraid to back away from big ideas. They know that right now is a great time to made bold decisions, and to take decisive advantage to forge aggressive new paths against their competitors.

While everyone else wallows in aggressive indecision and organizational sclerosis, world class innovators know that it is a great time to do great things!

In this keynote, Jim Carroll will provide you with unique insight into what these world-class organizations and high-caliber leaders are doing, to position themselves for a future in which the velocity of change is the new normal, acceleration is the reality, agility is the core, and adaptation is the necessity!


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