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19 Trends for 2019: #18 Intelligent Infrastructure Gains Traction

Do you ever stop and stare at streetlights and wondering how they are changing in the era of acceleration? I do!

Intelligent infrastructure is the Rodney Dangerfield of the age of autonomy, and doesn’t get any respect. But in this era in which everyone is paying attention to the self-driving vehicle trend, few are watching an equally significant development : the era of intelligent infrastructure.

The road you drive on and the bridge that you cross are also becoming intelligent, connected, aware and data-gathering. The impact everywhere is significant: everyone from construction companies to architectural design firms will be impacted. Here’s a bit of a hint of what I’ve covered on stage on this trend just in the last year.

Sometimes, it’s best to comprehend a trend, by observing it. So I went out and played by some traffic!

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