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The Story Behind the Picture: “Perfection is the Enemy of Innovation”

This one is from a stage in New Orleans. The story itself is simple and to the point.

In my list of global clients, I encounter far too many people and leaders who subscribe to the idea that if they are going to do something, they need to do it absolutely perfectly the first time around.

In my view, this doesn’t fit within the fast economy of today. Take a look around at successful innovators, and they are willing to do something fast, see how it worked, and try again. Obviously quality and risk issues come into play.

Not only that, but the whole idea of ‘getting things right the first time’ is going out the window with new trends. The best way is to understand how manufacturing is changing with 3D printing. We now have the ability to conceive product, design them, build it, test it, and then re-conceive and re-design and re-deploy. It’s become an iterative process instead of a final step process. That type of innovation thinking needs to come to every process and every industry.

The implication here for manufacturing is staggering, in that for the very first time, we are separating the design of a product from its’ manufacturing. That’s a big disruptive trend, and will change the world of manufacturing in a very significant way.


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