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Do These Things to Adapt to The Era of Acceleration!

Every industry and business will find more change in the next 5 years than in the last 100. What will YOU do with this reality?


How do you achieve agility in a fast moving environment and adapt to the era of acceleration?

Think about these key ideas:

  • structure for execution
  • rebuild your competitive intelligence capabilities
  • watch the “edges”, particular crowdfunding initiaitves in your space
  • abandon tradition – get more projects on the leading edge
  • be decisive – avoid aggressive indecision
  • innovate with structure – form fast teams!
  • enourage entrepreneurial units – spin out units rather than reining them in
  • partner up in unique ways
  • redefine strategic planing – flex it to short term thinking
  • build a culture that supports new ideas
  • challenge decisions
  • rapidly ingest new technology
  • “test and learn”
  • spots trends quicker
  • master ‘sketch-to-scale’
  • risk failure faster
  • align different generations on social projects

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