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“Win a Seminar With the Monster Motivator!”

Way back in 2003, Monster.com ran a promotion which offered the winner — a corporate organization — the chance to bring me in for a customized talk on future trends.

monsterI showed my kids (then 8 and 10 years old) the ad.

They were not impressed.

Why do I post this now? My wife and I came across this particular advertisement after we spent the weekend cleaning the basement archives up of 20 years worth of newspaper interviews, promotional materials, old book contract negotiation documents, and all the other flotsam that comes with a 20-year career as a speaker, author and futurist. (Why? The extended winter in the NorthEastern US led to some pretty significant ice/snow buildup, and we had a bit of a flood in the basement….)

I was looking at this document, and was thinking about the context. As far back as 2003 — and indeed, going way back to 1994, I was writing and speaking about how our workforces would be shaped and challenged in the future. My writing got the attention of Monster.Com, then building it’s online recruiting business; they ended up bringing me in for a series of keynotes in the Washington area.

And after that, they decided to experiment a bit with a new promotional method.

It’s kind of strange to look back at now, but it worked!

They drew a lot of interest, found it to be a powerful new marketing methodology, and had some fun along the way.

Today, my kids still aren’t impressed.

In any event, you can find a lot of material on my Web site about the future of the workforce; in particular, the post Rethinking Human Capital, which I wrote after speaking at the 2012 Talent Strategies Conference in New Orelans.  You can also find a wealth of information in my Trends: Human Capital section of my Web site.

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