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What a fun way to end the year!

With about 125,000 air miles, and about 50 events, my 2013 speaking year has drawn to a close. It was a wild one — clients like NASA’s Goddard Space Center, where I spoke to an audience of astrophysicists and other scientists; Sandia Nuclear Laboratories, where I literally had a room full of nuclear engineers, to a private wealth management conference held in Athens, which I figured had folks in the audience representing several trillions of dollars of wealth.

I wrapped it up this week with a keynote for the New Jersey Real Estate Association Triple Play conference held in Atlantic City — and drew an audience close to 1,500 for a luncheon talk.

New Jersey Triple Play

An audience member grabs a fishbowl shot for Twitter from about 1/2 way up the room for my keynote in Atlantic City this week…..

Let’s face it, real estate hasn’t exactly been the hottest industry through the last few years — so I went out and did a barnburner of a speech around a variety of future trends, and the need for relentless innovation.

I guess it worked – here’s a bit of the Twitter stream!

2014 is already heavily booked right out into June 2014, so it looks like another spectacular year!

Adrian Tridel @kickinREALTOR
Keynote speaker Jim Carroll….#headspinning (@ Realtors Triple Play Convention w/ 4 others)

Keynote speaker Jim Carroll speaking to a packed house. @PARealtors @AdvancedREALTOR #remax #TP13

Molly Cutting Werner @MolWerner
@jimcarroll ..thanks for your message today…’Innovate and align yourself with the future”….. I am committed!!!!

Tom Elmer @tomelmer
@jimcarroll So much to take in after keynote at Triple Play. Trying to keep up nothing compared to whats needed to succeed in future.

Jennifer Kinsman @JenniferKinsman
The World is changing and changing fast! Great talk by Jim Carroll!

Tom Elmer @tomelmer
@jimcarroll Incredible address today in AC. Nucky T of Boardwalk Empire didn’t see prohibition destroying his empire. #proofinnovationamust

Stephanie Mallios @smallios
Great presentation “What do world class innovators do that others don’t do?” @jimcarroll [pic]:

John Tice @homeinHersheyPa
@jimcarroll is speaking about what’s next during #TP13 in Atlantic City today. Are you prepared? Are you keeping up?

Kim Skumanick @KimSkumanick
Fascinating presentation on future trends in real estate and life by @jimcarroll at @TriplePlayExpo #TP13

REALTORS Triple Play @TriplePlayExpo
Sci-fi as seen in the Jetson predicted the future, according to @jimcarroll. George Skyped and read his news online! #TP13

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