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Why Apple’s Share Price Might Not Recover Soon!

If I am a typical customer of Apple, then maybe its better days really are over.

webnewscarAppleLogoArrow*304I began my voyage into becoming a hard core Mac fan in 2007 with a MacBook Pro. I quickly became an addict.

And right now, I’ve got it all. On my desk, I’ve got a Mac Pro tower with a 27″  Cinema Display. An IPad 2 and an iPhone 5.

On my “obsolete shelf” sits an iPhone 4 and a 3. And I’ve got the latest Mac Pro.

My wife and sons each have a MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone.

We each have or have had an iPod and a Nano …. of course, replaced by the iPhone.

And we’ve got, between our home and ski chalet, 3 Apple TV generation 1’s and 2 Apple TV generations 2.

My home and chalet are each networked via an Airport network hub.

I use Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.

We’ve all got the latest software.

I use iTunes Match.

Oh, and there’s a Mac Mini on my desk too.

The thing is, there’s really nothing I need to buy from Apple anymore. I’ve got it all.

The more their customers become like me, the more they stagnate in terms of growth.

I’m a huge Apple fan. But I don’t even find it exciting to go into the Apple store anymore. I’ve got it all!

So what comes next? I’m really not sure!

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