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Interview: Success Comes to Those Who Evolve

A great little interview featured in Credit Suisse’s global publication, Bulletin, in which I offer up my thoughts on innovation and future trends.

I talk about knowledge growth, hyperinnovation, and a variety of other issues.

Consider my comments on the growth of knowledge:

“It’s the foundation of what will happen in every single industry, every market and every type of profession. Let me give you an example that will put this into context. In the health care industry, it’s estimated that medical knowledge is now doubling every eight years. That has a myriad of impacts. There will be a rapid emergence of new medical technologies and methodologies, pharmaceuticals and treatments. And, no medical professional can possibly know everything there is to know, so we are seeing huge fragmentation in terms of every type of medical career, and that fragmentation will continue. Knowledge growth has a huge impact on that industry, and I believe it will carry over into every industry.”

I also offer up my definitiation of innovation:

Most people think of Apple iPod when they are asked to give an explanation of innovation. People think innovation is limited to new product development. It’s much more than that. It’s having an organization where everybody, from the CEO on down, is always asking: “What can we do to run the business better? What can we do to grow the business? What can we do to transform the business?” The only way to stay ahead of the game is through constant innovation with those three fundamental questions.

If a company gets into that line of thinking there are huge opportunities for innovation. It can start with its business model, to its business processes to staffing methodology and to customer service. We can also innovate with the type of insight we use to understand how quickly our markets are changing. 

You can read the full article by clicking on the image or grabbing the PDF here.

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