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10 More Great Words for Innovation!

The “10 Great Words” page on my Web site is one of the most consistently visited and shared pages on my entire site.

I think that people find the words to be powerful and inspirational, and help to set a good mindset for innovative thinking.

Words are very powerful motivators. I was dealing with a client situation this morning revolving around an upcoming keynote, and during the conference call, jotted down a number of additional words which I think can be powerful motivators.

Words which provide simple insight and motivation are great.

Here’s 10 more to get you thinking about fast change:

  • Adapt: Change is happening faster than ever before. Accept that, adapt to it, and go with the flow. It makes everything a lot easier.
  • Flex : In times of rapid change, agility is a critical skill. Develop flexibility in attitude, skills and capability in order to thrive.
  • Experience: There’s a lot you don’t know. Enhance your knowledge and experience by doing all the things you’ve never done before.
  • Create: Stop managing things and create things instead. Focus on doing what makes a difference, rather than trying to make a difference with what you’ve done before
  • Focus: You can’t master all the knowledge there is to know, nor can you do everything you want to do. Do what you do well and do that well, and then figure out new ways of doing the rest.
  • Partner: Deal with rapid change and complexity by seeking partners who can help you accomplish what needs to be done.
  • Shift: Far too many people view the future with fear rather than thinking about opportunity. Shift your focus, and you’ll discover opportunities for growth.
  • Imagine: Innovators don’t make a difference by redoing the status quo — they accomplish great things by being different. And they don’t constrain their difference with traditional thinking: they simply think differently.
  • Start: You’ve probably been holding off on doing the one thing you always wanted to try to do. Drop your indecision now and begin doing it. Innovators succeed through momentum, and momentum comes from doing.
  • Encourage: People who approach things with passion and purpose live a compelling life. Find your spark, and light it! Find other sparks around you, and you’ve got a fire that fuels enthusiasm!


3 Responses to “10 More Great Words for Innovation!”

  1. Public keynote speaker said:

    Some of these are easier said than done. Sometimes change can feel frightening.

  2. motivational speaker said:

    Great post, everything in one easy lump!

  3. Jim said:

    I think it’s a great word to add! Sometimes people need to be shaken out of their complacency!


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