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The strategic value of thought leadership speakers

Shaping Tomorrow is one of the world’s leading trend watching services, observing on its home page that:

“We help 13,284 people and organisations anticipate, and respond to, how we will live”. Find opportunities for growth, discover new solutions, conduct risk and intelligence assessments, make strategic choices, plan and act on decisions, construct scenarios and join our global innovation and foresight network.

A tremendous number of global organizations use Shaping Tomorrow to track future trends. In line with that, the group has just launched a speakers bureau to provide its clients with the additional insight they need to deal with a high velocity economy.

I was asked to write an article for the launch of the site, and it is featured on the home page for Shaping Tomorrow Future Voices.

In “Our Brightest Minds — and the Strategic Value of Thought Leadership Speakers”, I make several observations that outline the role I play in increasing numbers of organizations today:

Steering an organization into the future is often akin to navigating a ship. You can only get so much momentum, and when it is necessary to take a change in direction, it takes a lot of time for the turn to take effect.

That’s where the role of a high profile futurist with a track record comes in. We help you to steer the ship.

I spend my time with a large number of global Fortune 1000 organizations, associations and government bodies. I’m often called in by a CEO or other member of senior management to achieve one particular goal: to help to place emphasis on the issues, challenges and opportunities that the organization faces in the future. In many cases, senior management knows what needs to be done; but being aware of the art of leadership, they also know that they must carefully lead their team through what are often, significant mindset changes.

The leadership team — including you — knows that they need to wake their people up, shake them out of their complacency, and give them a clear understanding that they had better start thinking about the future — and fast — in order to keep up with high velocity change. And perhaps, if they are lucky, stay one step ahead of everyone else.

That’s what we do. We’ve chosen a career path that has us assisting organizations in making the transition into the future. I’ve been doing this for well over fifteen years.

You can read the full article online.


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