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Achieving growth: innovation in the post recession economy

2009AchievingGrowth.jpgI’m thrilled that Microsoft has asked me to be the opening speaker for a number of events this fall, related to the Windows 7 launch. We will be talking to CIO’s, CFO’s and CTO’s for a wide variety of organizations from multiple different industries.

My talk with focus on the theme: “Achieving Growth! Why Innovators Will Rule in the Post-Recession Economy–And How You Can Join Them!“; and specifically:

Jim will share his insight into the key trends facing every organization, and the methods by which organizations are positioning themselves for the rapidly changing economy of the 21st century, where time-to-market is the new metric, and fast-innovation rules.”

This has been an area of heavy focus for me through the last year, as the economic downturn took hold. I’ve had the opportunity to watch and study what a wide variety of organizations have been doing to keep a growth orientation.

There are many, many clients who are booking me because the CEO or senior management realizes they need to quickly re-align the thinking of their team towards growth; and through discussion with me, have discovered that I can play an extremely useful role in helping them accomplish this.

Who’s working with me? I’ve had recent and upcoming engagements with General Dynamics / Northrop Grumman ; the 2009 Missouri Governor Economic Development Congress; Signature Travel global owners meeting; Microsoft; the US National Recreation and Parks Association; Yum! Brands; Burger King; US Department of Defence – Commissary Agency ; Rockwell Collins; Oracle ….. all of these organizations have engaged me for a keynote or leadership meeting focused on future trends, innovation and growth!

Think growth!

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