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Innovator’s fail faster!

There’s quite a bit of traffic on my clip about the importance of innovation with social networking.

The experience learned here links back to a point I often talk about in my keynotes about the reality of innovation:

  • Innovators fail fast.
  • Innovators who fail fast learn faster.
  • Innovators who learn faster from faster failure master faster markets.
  • Innovators master faster markets because they master fast failure

I was on a planning call with the CEO of a large global company that is having me in for a leadership meeting in the fall. We discussed the reality of his industry — very rapid change in terms of branding, infrastructure, competition, business model evolution, customer loyalty and expectations.

You name it — they’re in a whirlwind of change.

And it’s their ability to learn from their faster failures that will help them to master this hurricane of change.

Fail fast!


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