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The Shed Project – How to Move a Shed 20 feet – Intact?

So let’s really try out the power of social networking, and see if it can apply to practical, everyday problems.

Our backyard shed needs to move about 20 feet, in order to expand the basketball area. Preferably, we’d like to do it intact, rather than disassembling it and rebuilding it.


One suggestion was to dig under the corners, shore it up, put some rollers underneath, lay down pipes and “roll it across” — just like the Egyptians did. And as seen here.

But maybe there is a better way. If you are a really smart engineer, or have a great idea, or have done this yourself, please follow me on Twitter and tweet me a suggestion. Or send me an e-mail at (My blog isn’t set up yet for comments, but I’ll post the solutions offered here later…)

(Suggestions to just buy a new shed are welcome, but not terribly innovative.)

Must get back to work now.

Update: We managed to get the shed moved. We essentially jacked it up, put some heavy pipe under it, and rolled it to the new location. The actual heavy-lifting work was coordinated by a friend of mine, who brought in some really big burly guys to do the deed. It worked like a charm!

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