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Growth strategies – What I've Seen From the CEO's

Here’s a brochure extract from another upcoming conference. The theme : “Moving Beyond the Meltdown: Focusing on Growth Through Innovation.”


It’s been a busy six months since the meltdown.

Throughout this time, I’ve been keynoting events all over North America, for organizations and events large and small, focused on the theme of innovation and working our way through challenging economic times.

What has been fascinating is that in sharing the stage with a variety of CEO’s, for both massive, global organizations and smaller associations and businesses, there are many who share a relentless focus on opportunity.

There’s no doubt that there is lot of pain and retraction and pullback out there. But my experience in the last six months indicates to me that there is an equally fast pace of innovative thinking, as to ‘what should we be doing with these new realities in which we find ourselves.’

My most favorable moment comes from one particular event: before I went on stage, the CEO of one particular global organization went on to give his “call to action” to his team.

He spoke about the challenges of the global economy for a little less than a minute — and then went on a fascinating 20 minute outline of the great things that the company could accomplish with revenue growth by focusing on 8 succinct strategies.

I now use his story (and many other similar stories) when I’m on stage, in order to get people thinking about GROWTH again.

What I’m out there talking about are the real, practical strategies that organizations are pursuing to stay focused on opportunity. There are dozens of things I’m seeing happen first hand. Some of the other strategies, off the top of my head (most of which I’ve written about in this blog):

  • act faster to respond to fast changing consumer demands
  • innovate locally in a global economy
  • focus on customer retention as a core strategy
  • go upside down – innovate with supplier partners to achieve faster product or service innovation
  • enhance community knowledge – rapidly leverage best practices
  • speed up efforts to collaborate internally, and reshape hierarchy to be able to respond to faster change
  • innovate with skills access in order to form fast teams
  • anticipate customers needs before they know they need them – stay in front of your market

The list goes on. The key thing is: when do you innovate? You do it NOW. Watch this Youtube clip.

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