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2009 Food Industry trends – "hyper-nicheing" is the new reality ….

There are a lot of hits coming into my web site searching for “food industry trends 2009” or “2009 food trends.”

I’ve spent a fair amount of time through the last few years, focused on trends in the consumer, food and retail sector, talking about some of the unique trends which influence shopping behavior.

Here’s a clip from a major food symposium I keynoted in New York City in September 2008; I spoke to a wide variety of trends impacting the industry. In this short clip, I’m speaking to the issue of market fragmentation, and the need for ever more small niche markets:

The key point: while economic trends are impacting consumer choice, there are still many other trends at play. At the conference, I spoke about a variety of other the “new influencers,” rapid product innovation, fast-paced consumer choice change, and the impact of brand interactivity.

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