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"He prowled the stage like a preacher"

smi.jpgAn interesting article in InformationWeek, covering my Sunday night keynote for the Society for Information Managementa annual conference in Memphis.

First time I ever had to follow Elvis on stage : and maybe that’s what had me fired up!

Noted InformationWeek: “Carroll, the author of “What I Learned from Frogs in Texas: Saving Your Skin with Forward Thinking Innovation,” seemed to embrace the atmosphere of secular spiritualism. He prowled the stage like a preacher, exhorting the assembled crowd to take the message of hyper cultural and economic change fueled by information technology back to their companies and use it to force a closer examination of the role of their own technology efforts in new business models, management structure, and collaboration.”

You can read the full article, In the High Velocity Economy, IT is the Engine, here.

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