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A bit of a backgrounder on my work in the health care sector/

Partial client list

Waters Corporation • MDS Nordion • American Society for Health Care Risk Management • VHA Georgia • Blue Cross Blue Shield national office • Association of Organ Procurement Organizations • Phamalinx annual conference • Health Care Industry Distributors Association • Trillium Health Care • Providence Health Plans • Harvard Pilgrim Helath Care • Canadian Medical Association • Glaxo Wellcome • American Academy of Opthalmology • North Carolina Medical Managers Group • Canadian Organization For Advanced Computers & Health • Health Administration Association of BC • Ontario Hospital Association • Roche Diagnostics • Essilor Eyecare

Areas of trends and innovation focus

• managing health in an era of constraint and challenge • opening up the minds of health care workers and adminstrators to the potential of the future • a futuristic examination of impact of digital technology and connectivity of health care • rethinking health care delivery in the digital age • business case issues for medical adminstrative staff on digital business • motivational kickoff/keynote for staff events • medical company sales force training and motivation • innovation — new business models, exploiting new opportunities in the health care sector • a look to the future • strategy sessions


  • Jim recently spoke to 600 employees of a major health care supplier, from the perspective of “A Day in the Life of a Patient in 2030.” He took a look back at the massive and huge transformative changes which occurred in the world of health care from 2006 to 2030.
  • Jim provided the opening keynote for about 3,000 health care professionals at the annual American Society for Health Care Risk Management in San Antonio, TX, with an indepth futurist view of key health care trends
  • co-authored “Good Health Online” a book that examined the role the Internet can play in our own health care, long before this became an issue on the radar of the health care industry
  • Jim has provided workshops for senior managers of health care organizations, focussing on the issue of health care services in the digital age, and the impact of e-biz on the health care industry. He provided senior management of Blue Cross/Blue Shield Florida with an interactive workshop — and they were so thrilled with the result that they had him down for four more sessions. He has now walked 400 of their senior staff through workshops that have helped them to assss the future of health care
  • Jim helps health care professionals and executives understand the massive change occurring in the world of healthcare, and think about ways that healthcare services are provided and delivered in a time of rapid change
    as a futurist, he takes a unique look at the opportunties and challenges in the world of health care as change envelopes the industry at a a furious pace, and helps administrators and medical professionals conceptualize the strategies and issues that need to be pursued


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