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Talent, not money, is the new corporate battlefront

hrtrends.jpgHere’s a trend to think about : Companies will soon be accessing needed skills from all generations: from bright, knowledge aggressive 15 year olds to active 80 year olds.

We are soon going to have the longest life-span economy that has ever existed. Preparing for that shift both culturally and organizationally will give companies a strong plan for dealing with the skills challenges of the future.

That’s but one trend I outline in my latest trends overview: “10 Unique Characteristics of 21st Century Skills.”

What people are witnessing right now in terms of the “skills crisis” is just the tip of the iceberg, and a key factor for future corporate success will come from how well the skills issue is managed. The war for talent in the 21st century is going multi-dimensional, because there are a variety of trends that are forever changing the nature, loyalty, accessibility, and half life of skills.

A big part of the battle will involve “human capital agility”: the ability to deploy the right skills at the right time for the right purpose — regardless of where the skill might be required, or where the skill is sourced.

As skills become more specialized, everyone will find that they need to draw upon an increasingly global talent base, a reality that will demand new forms of collaboration, rapid human capital and project management skills, and deep insight into the effective utilization of those skills.

That’s why skills management strategies that focus on agility, insight, and execution will be critical. I have a number of keynotes focusing on the issue of global skills, notably one high profile presentation in Grand Cayman in two weeks. More to come…..

Access the Critical Trends: 10 Unique Characteristics of 21st Century Skills here

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