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Next big home entertainment trend? Dive-in Movies!

dive-in.jpgWe’re still having a bit of a stretch of warm weather, and tonight promises to be great.

With the early sunset, it is time for another ‘dive-in movie!’ — a unique outdoor experience I’ve been doing with my family through the summer.

I’ve got an old set of Logitech 5.1 surround sound speakers strung around the pool with a subwoofer; we place a projection screen on the deck, and hang a big sheet on the patio.

Start the DVD, jump in the pool, grab a floaty thing, and we’re off to the movies!

In my It’s In To Be Out!” outdoor trends overview, I suggested that “Gen-Y takes tech outside : The “Nintendo Generation” redefines their outdoor environment through a wide variety of new hi-tech devices that enhance the outdoor experience.” That’ precisely what we seem to be doing here.

I think the entire concept of the outdoors is set to be transformed as people re-engineer the outside world with the technology and tools that are becoming a part of their daily lives. From iPods in the planters to Wi-Fi to the garden shed, there’s a lot of unique technologies that are set to emerge.

I’ve alerted/warned the neighbors about the movie.

They are very nice and tolerant of the volume, and me.

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