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Bio-engineered body parts, the Cold Store and personalized medicine….


I’m doing a very futuristic talk tomorrow for a major health care company; I’ll be talking from the year 2030, taking a look at where we are in the world of health care some 25 short years from now.

A couple of the bullets from the presentation:

  • “There was now a huge industry of personally engineered bio-body parts – and the never disappearing group of baby boomers like me was certainly taking advantage of this stuff to continue living an active lifestyle!”
  • “I was taking a little pill that would directly attack the virus I had picked up — it was based on my own particular gene profile and would target the darned condition pretty directly.”
  • “The pill bottle linked into my home network grid in order to interact with the prescription drug company. They had specifically engineered this medicine the day before for my own bio-code, based on a quick sampling of my blood and sinus condition that was done at the local Cold Store.”

Far fetched stuff? Not at all — as I note later in the keynote, when I take a look back to today: “In 2006 we were right at the edge of what would prove to be the biggest change ever to hit the world of health care ….. a shift in medical philosophy from “reacting” to disease and illness, to doing far more to “prevent” health care problems through highly personalized medicine.”

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