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Hyper-boomers, Gen-Connect and Manure Managers

baby.jpgOne of the most pressing challenges yet to come will be the massive workplace and skills issues that organizations are going to have to manage — a widely age-diverse workplace, completely different career expectations, and a significant skills shortage due to rapid knowledge growth.

There are a bunch of upcoming keynotes where I’m focusing on these issues for major clients. This morning, I wrote up the session description for one conference brochure.

It’s a fascinating topic, full of challenges — and I have quite a bit of fun with my audiences on this one!


Join international futurist, trends & innovation expert Jim Carroll
as he explores some of the biggest challenges facing organizations
today. With the coming “end of retirement,” most companies will come
to realize they’ll need a lot of telephones with big buttons for
members the 70+ folks who are still a part of their workforce — and
a lot of innovative workplace practices as well. That’s but one
challenge — the arrival of “Gen-Connect” — the kids who have been
wired with a mouse since birth — will lead to the question of
whether “good luck” will be the only possible response to the
question of “Managing Gen-Y.” This workplace weirdness will only be
compounded by the ongoing rapid evolution of knowledge and skills,
such that most organizations will find it impossible to find the
highly specialized skills needed in the economy of the future. Are we
really in an economy in which there is an emerging profession of
folks known as “manure managers?” You bet — and it’s all part of the
unique issues that companies must begin thinking about today. Jim’s
recent clients include such global organizations as Disney, the BBC,
DaimlerChrylser, Nestle, Caterpillar, and the US Army Corps of
Engineers. Join Jim as he shares his insight into the trends that you
already faced with, and the innovative and creative ways that you can
come to grips with the depth of the challenges ahead.

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