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Swiss Innovation Forum keynote this Friday!

I’m off tomorrow night to Zurich; on Friday I will do a closing keynote for about 800 senior executives at the Swiss Innovation Forum. It’s a wonderful forum in which individuals will be exchanging ideas and views on how to cope in a world which is changing at a furious pace.

Details about the conference can be found here:

I can’t not go to Zurich and not ski the Alps, and so from Saturday to Monday, I’ll be skiing in the Grindelwald region south of Zurich.

It should be an experience!

In my talk in Zurich, I’ll be taking a look at the “innovation killers” that so many companies have in place — but I’ll also be taking a broader look at the types of innovation that companies can pursue.

Innovation isn’t just about new product development — it is all about looking at the way you operate, the business models you pursue, the markets you work within, the partners you seek, and the agility you put in place. I’ll share with the audience some innovation success stories that define different types of innovation, including:

  • Operational agility
  • Market shift innovation
  • Change acceptance innovation
  • Service/partnership innovation
  • Innovation through mission refocusing
  • Sparking innovation through external relationships
  • innovation that can come from cultural restructuring
  • challenge changing innovation
  • change embracement innovation
  • design partnerships
  • and complexity partnering innovation

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