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Agility, innovation and execution

I’ve just flown out west to do a dinner keynote for a major telecom company. I wrote an article on my way related to what I’ve been talking about within the context of this and related industries.

I opened the article with these comments: “If there are three key words that should carry organizations and the people within them into the future, it is these: agility, innovation, and execution.

  • Agility, because we are being confronted by absolutely furious rates of change, and you need an incredible amount of agility and flexibility in order to be able to respond.
  • Innovation, because in this era in which new developments and technology are coming to the market faster than ever before, everyone must become an innovator, whether it be with new business models, skills partnerships or customer solutions.
  • Execution, as we are now in a time in which everyone is becoming a competitor often offering the same commodity services, it will be excellence of delivery that will provide for distinction: excellence in customer service, product lineup, and the ability to respond instantly to the rapidly changing demands of the consumer.”

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