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The future of media in the era of the infinite idea loop

inma-sm.jpgWay back in 2002 — doesn’t that seem like a long time ago? — I was asked to keynote a get together of the International Newspaper Marketing Association. The title of my talk? “How Consumer and Advertiser Markets Will Differ in a Post-Recession
Environment — And How Newspapers Should Strategically Respond

Back then, media and advertisers were convinced that the future was over; the Internet was no longer something to be concerned about; that there were precious few ideas to be had when it came to creativity in the media and advertising. I came in with a different message — that we were yet to see a blossoming of truly creative potential in the world of media….

That’s where we are today — and in June of 2006, I’ll keynote a major magazine conference. I wrote up a session description the other day for the conference organizers — and it gives you a hint of where I’ll take the crowd.

It’s all about creativity, inspiration, innovation, and adapting to change — furious rates of change…. here’s the session description.

What Comes Next? (And What Should You Do About it?”

The Google-Car? A printer of things? Wireless energy? Personal ink?
Bio-connectivity? Join us as noted international futurist, trends and
innovation expert Jim Carroll takes us on a fascinating voyage to
2016. It’s a world that involves topsy-turvey business models, ever
more rapid innovation, and even more contentious consumers.
Our future is full of both challenge and opportunity. . And the fact
is, to thrive with magazine publishing opportunities today and in the
future, you’ve got to understand both short and long term trends, and
be in the proper frame of mind to cope. That’s why we’ve brought in
Jim Carroll, a Kenneth R. Wilson award winning columnist, author, and
all around nice guy, to give us a glimpse into the long term future —
and the short term issues that we are now wrestling with.

In addition to a gaze out far into the future, Jim will also take a
comprehensive look at the opportunities and challenges we are faced
with today, including: demographic realities, the essence of
advertising market shifts, the rise of blogdom and issues of
editorial integrity vs information rapidity; Nintendo-influenced-
attention-spans and writing style; and rapid technoligical change and
magazine business model agiltiy. Add on to this the longer term
trends that will drive us through the next 10 years, and there is no
doubt that we’re in for a wild ride — and a lot of fun!

In his keynote, Jim will outline how to turn both short and long term
trends and challenges into opportunity! In his keynote, he provides a
key message — opportunity comes from your ability to innovate and
change, adapt and evolve, as the very foundation of the publishing
industry — and the world around you — continues to evolve at a
furious pace.

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