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"It's in to be out!"

jc-sun.jpgI’m doing a dinner talk tonite for a government group involved in managing recreation and camping parks throughout the province. It’s my last event before Christmas break, at which point I’ll focus son skiiing and writing my Masters of Business Imagination book.

I’ll base the talk tonite on the “10 outdoor trends” identied earlier this yaer when doing a New York City publicity event. Earlier this year, I met with the editors of O (Oprah Magazine), Elle, Family Circle, Parenting, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Working Mother, American Baby, Soap Opera Weekly, Woman’s Day, Glamor, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Good Housekeeing, Family Circle and about 40 other national trade magazines, in New York City.

I was there on behalf of Banana Boat, in their annual product launch, talking about my “10 Trends that Will Rock the Outdoor World in 2005.” You can read the list and see the “fun facts” adobe.gif here.

In preparing, I undertook detailed research and analysis of leading lifestyle, demographic, social and cultural trends, to put into perspective what we can expect in terms of active, outdoor living in the future.

It’s a good example of the unique type of event that I am hired for — in this case, I was retained by a leading global PR agency on behalf of their client.

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