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Health care trends

It was a week for health care.

Yesterday I opened the annual American Society for Health Risk Management conference in San Antonio, taking a look at . As the session description noted, “as a futurist, trends and innovation expert, Carroll is an energetic guide who will show how to anticipate trends, develop key leadership skills for the future and view change as an opportunity to pursue … not as not as a threat to be feared.”

I like that description, because when watching the body language during my presentations, its obvious that many people only hear the downside of future trends. That’s why I work hard to spin the message that “you’ve got to turn change and challenge into opportunity.” No where is this more true than in the health care sector — there is going to be a huge supply/demand imbalance, and it is going to take some increasingly creative thinking to deal with the challenges and come up with innovative solutions.

A good portion of my talk was built upon the 10 big trends for health care that I’ve been focussing on.

Earlier in the week, I opened the annual leadership meeting for VHA Georgia, providing insight into health care leadership skills built around the same future trends.

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