It costs 12 cents to send a trillion bits of information today – in 1970, $150,000

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VOIP is not! Skype is hot!

VOIP is so yesterday …..

I posted my list of major telecom trends here the other day…..and I can’t emphasize enough how quickly the telecom market is being destroyed and rebuilt with entire new paradigms….

In the last few weeks, I’ve put both the VoIPvoice CyberPhone K and the ActionTec Internet Phone Wizard on my desk.

Both let you call my new Dallas, Texas telephone number; when you do that, a phone on my desk in Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario rings. My cost for the Dallas number? $38 per year.

Both are absolutely wonderful products: the design is simple, straightforward, and the level of software integration is just stunningly simple. Implemetation was less than a minute. If you are a Skype user, get either one! I can’t figure out which one I like best since they are so cool.

Both products are based on Skype, the phone service that doesn’t just change existing telecom business models — it obliterates them.

I can pick up the phone, and make a call to any Skype user, just as if I were making a regular phone call. Better yet, and this is the key, I can call any telephone number in North America for 2 cents a minute.

Take what Skype is doing, add products like this, witness 100 startups to the telecom industry, and you’ve got an existing industry model that is just simply about to disappear…..

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