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Everyone is into …. trends

I’m in New Orleans, looking out from my room on the 18th floor down the river … getting ready for my keynote to the Corporate Housing Providers Assocation. Later this week, I speak to teachers with the Calgary School Board, and then a group of hardwood companies. Next week, a conference on travel and trends in the tourism industry — last week, I keynoted a conference of chain drug store executives and pharmaceutical companies on future trends in health care; before that, San Diego for the Point of Purchase Advertising International group. Two weeks out? An event in Key Largo for a liquor distributor, followed by a telecom conference in Montreal, followed by events with SAP in Atlanta, Houston and San Jose, with a keynote to horticultural group sandwiched in-between…


The key theme / trend emering here is that all these folks are looking for exactly what I provide — unique insight into the challenging issues of today, with guidance that is specific, relevant and practical as to how to thrive and survive these challenging and turbulent times….

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