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Business trends, health care, skills crisis — and more!

Where did September go?

In a hectic month, I gave keynote presentations in London, Montreal, New York, Chicago and Stockholm. I’m back on the ground now, but certainly “covered a lot of ground,” so to speak.

My talks covered a broad range of issues:

  • the future of health care: what trends will impact us 5, 10, 20 years out? This in two breakout sessions at a major US health care conference;
  • the emerging skills crisis, and the challenges in recruiting and retaining Gen-Y staff, in a three hour presentation/workshop examining future trends for the annual partners conference of a major accounting firm;
  • how to innovate and thrive in a time of constant change, in a keynote talk for senior staff of the BBC;
  • and a keynote on the future of business and leisure travel in New York for the huge international HSMAI association
  • not to mention an address of “The keys to innovation” for SAP in Stockholm

My keynotes these days are covering a huge range of issues, including lifestyle, corporate, workplace, demographic, social, technological and other trends.

They are striking a chord — Hospitality.Net wrote an article featuring highlights from what they called a “thought provoking keynote.”

I’m in the office for the week, working away to get “What I Learned from Frogs in Texas” finished off an in to print.

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