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Leading the Future: Leadership In An Era of Innovation and Change

We live in an era of unprecedented, relentless, rapid change.

An era in which competition changes overnight, and where new products and services come to market faster than ever before. A time in which rapid innovation has led to compressed product lifecycles that are now measured in a matter of weeks and months instead of years. A business environment in which distribution channels, business models, market trends and corporate structure changes on a regular basis. Where ongoing cost challenges and the need for revenue growth have created new challenges in meeting shareholder expectations. Corporate accountability issues which have caused many organizations to focus on the challenges of the “here and now,” rather than thinking about what is yet to come.

We live in a time in which permanence has been torn asunder; a time that demands a new agility and flexibility for every organization; an era that requires leaders who have the skills to prepare their organizations for a future that is rushing at us faster than ever before.

That’s why many of the keynotes that I have been providing have focused on how to develop on how to develop and engender the leadership skills of the 21st century, around the theme “Leading the Future: Leadership In An Era of Innovation and Change

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  1. David Harries said:

    Professional interim executives, we believe, offer a key to sustainable corporate agility, allowing organisations to adapt to changing customer demands and competitive action, by ’employing’ rapid strategic resource solutions. We are holding a half-day conference in March 2012 in the UK and were just wondering if, by chance, you are going to be in the UK then or Feb or April, as the date is currently flexible. If so, could you give us an indication of availability as a key note speaker and price?

    If not, can you recommend any UK operations that can talk to the subject of “global corporate agility”? Many thanks


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