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What's the future for intelligence?

I’ll be keynoting the closing lunch tomorrow at the 14th Annual Canadian Conference on Intelligent Systems. It’s a very august crowd of PhD’s, researchers, academics and scientists. I can’t tell them much about the future that they don’t already know — so I will talk about this:

In his keynote presentation, futurist, innovation and trends expert Jim Carroll provides critical insight into the deep relationship between the “big issues” of the next 10 years and intelligent systems. He’ll provide a clear link between the major demographic, social, business, cultural, economic, mployment and technological trends that come next — and will relate these to the practical intelligent system research and development occurring today. He
will deliver unique insight into the challenges that face the industry as it goes moves from an era of research and development to a time of implementation — and what the industry must do to address the potentially significant cultural, social and political barriers that can stand in the way of success

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