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Telecom market disruption

Every industry reaches a point where new technologies, business models, a critical mass of user readiness and customer demands suddenly brings it to the point where everything begins to change — in a big way.

Such is the case with the telecom industry — Voice-over-IP is a hugely disruptive technology, and it is now starting to wreak its’ havoc. We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg — jobs and careers will change, competition will increase, business models will be ripped apart, skill sets will undergo a massive evolution, innovation will dominate for the smart ones who figure out what’s going on — and the pace of change will increase to the point where it’s horrifically difficult to deal with.

I’m doing a keynote next week out west that is looking at VoIP business issues, implementation realities and market trends, as well as the necessity for strategic planning in this area. This is one of several keynotes I’ve done in this area — see my list of hi-tech and telecom clients for an idea of who is seeking my insight.

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