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Mastering the futz factor!

Years ago one of my articles focussed on the “futz factor,” a phrase coined to describe the “time spent solving the little, mundane problems that occur day-to-day as we struggle to master our machines.”

I just had a futz-experience, but it worked out brilliantly.

I’ve got several keynotes through the next few weeks, and some heavy travel. My Blackberry has become my office lifeline; I’ve actually closed keynote deals through it when someone has needed a keynote speaker in a hurry. It has become something I’m hugely reliant on, while still managing for some work/life balance.

And today, I upgraded the software on it — and it died part way through! It seemed to be completely dead! Abusing my profile, I contacted the COO of RIM …. I know a few of the people there ….. and was within moments contacted by an Exec. Asst to a VP at the company, who was willing to line me up with a phone call with tech support.

But the good news is, I managed to bring it back to life — it turns out RIM’s software could do a cold-load of all the original software, even though it seemed to have given up the ghost — and it’s now back in action.

Boy, do I feel better!

Great product, great company, great tool. Dealing with the futz factor just doesn’t get any better than this.

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