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What took Intel so long?

New York Times: “Intel to Invest $200 Million in Home Media Networking SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 6 – The Intel Corporation said on Tuesday that it planned to invest $200 million in start-up companies that are creating digital home entertainment technology that could eventually reach nearly every American household.”

We’ve been there in this home for almost half a decade or more, with thousands of (bought, converted from CD) MP3’s on a file server in the home, 13,000 digital photos, and a new project digitizing all of our home video. My sons, now 8 and 10, have never really known CD’s — they simply pull music off of a computer in one of many rooms. I’ve often joked that indeed, they think CD’s are from the “olden days.” I’ve been writing articles and articles about this for years.

Why does it take so long for Intel and others to clue in that people want home connectivity? This is *the* big consumer market for the next decade, so it is nice to see them finally *getting it*

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