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What I Learned from Frogs in Texas

Notes the Chicago Tribune in an article about the global networked economy, on September 23, in what it refers to as hypercompetition”….. a global market in which an ever increasing portion of the developing world acquires the education and opportunity to provide skilled-labor, including professional services of almost every kind at a world class level…..”It is becoming clear that CPAs, management consultants, attorneys and health professionals who have traditionally been insulated from global market forces will be faced with competition as they have never seen before: bright, driven people capable of offering comparable-quality service at perhaps a tenth the cost of their developed world counterparts.” Years ago I was predicting that increasingly, the location of where work was performed would become irrelevant as the global networked economy took hold. Global outsourcing trends are now making this true — in spades.

What’s this have to do with frogs? Last week, I watched a number of them getting squished — they were focused on the birds that were flying in front of them, and didn’t notice the cars driving up behind them from the parking lot. Too focused on one perceived threat, they were missing the bigger picture all together……

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