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Later this week – a career planning workshop

I’ll be helping to launch a career development program for Rogers Communications. The program will be designed to “help people determine where they want to go in their careers and how to get there.”

Key point — the only thing certain about career planning today — is that you’ve got to plan. Every industry continues to be swept by dramatic and relentless innovation, new customer demands, new products and services, and much more — with the result that jobs and careers are continually undergoing change. To help plan, people need to understand future trends and issues, and think about innovative approaches to career change. It will be a three hour keynote/workshop that will covera variety of issues, including:

  • unique insight into how careers withn the organization and industry will evolve
  • concrete action plans that people can use to take them forward
  • career self assessment — how do we determine the nature of the skills that we possess?
  • career planning — what do we do to maximize our potential?

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