Humans process information 17 times faster using sight compared to other senses.

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Investors Business Digest agrees with me

In a client proposal back in June, I wrote that in the world of business information technology, “the money will be in the implementation – companies will continue to be reluctant to invest in new technology, but will come to realize that there is an ROI that comes from an investment in making work better what they already have

Investors Business Daily, today: “So what is the next big thing? Pundits and analysts have been searching for that since the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. Some think it’s already here, but it’s gone largely unnoticed because it’s not a hot new technology as the PC or Internet was. They’re talking about ways to make computing more useful and less expensive to manage. It may sound mundane compared with earlier developments, but analysts think it’s much more complicated than designing a faster computer chip or storing more data on a disk drive. And much more important.”

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