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"….the wholeness of space; the wonders of the skies"

In 1998, my family and I were privileged to watch the launch of STS-90 in Florida; we had been invited by the Canadian Space Agency.

And for years, we’ve regularly visited a site called Heavens-Above.com in order to know when to see a space shuttle, the International Space Station and various satellites pass overhead. The site is well worth a visit.

Last night, I wrote a short note that follows, to the fellow who maintains the Heavens-Above site.

This is one site on the Net that has become a part of my life the
last eight years.

My two boys are 7 and 9.

They’ve grown up learning to go out into the backyard to watch the
satellites, ISS, and when its up, the shuttle go overhead (Toronto,
Canada). They’ve learned to dream.

We had the privilege of being invited to watch Columbia launch — I
think, STS-98 — in 1998. (Dave Williams, a Canadian astronaut, was
on board.)

They’ve grown up to appreciate the wholeness of space; the wonders of the
skies. Heavens-above.com has played a *huge* role, in that they’ve learned
that there is a site that can tell them when to go out and look — and
what it means. They understand what is going on in the heavens-above —
and right now, are very, very sad.

As we all deal with the tragedy in different ways — understand this: the
work you do in creating this site and keeping it going changes lives,
values, views, people. It impacts many people in far away places — you’ve
touched us, you’ve brought the heavens to us. As we all grieve, we must
say thank you though for helping to teach us what is up there.

So just a small thanks in a time of tragedy.

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