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Techno-rage revisited….

Fight with computer brings SWAT team – No charges filed after isunderstanding cleared up” – January 9, 2003, Daily Camera, Boulder, CO

Read on — this is quite fascinating!

I often incorporate in my keynotes a bit of discussion on how there are many people who just can’t seem to cope with technology — and often get a good chuckle from the audience when doing so. I call it my Surviving The Information Age topic, based on a book I did of the same title. [ topic page ] [ book ] And I’ve written about the issue extensively over the years — for example, in this article, Tech Stress [ article ]

But this really takes the cake!

A 32-year-old Boulder man who had opened his apartment’s patio door to enjoy Wednesday’s unusually warm weather was later overheard screaming threats and seen waving what appeared to be a handgun, prompting a maintenance worker to call police.

Officers, as a precaution, evacuated the man’s apartment building and called SWAT officers to assist in defusing the situation.

It turned out that the man was simply upset at his computer — which he had called a “bitch” he “wanted to kill,” police said — and the gun was a plastic pellet gun, not the .45-caliber automatic handgun it was made to resemble.

Read the full article at the Daily Camera news site.

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