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Notable Projects

Jim Carroll takes on countless unique assignments, ranging from small CEO / senior executive / Board retreats as small as 20 people, to large scale Las Vegas keynotes for an audience of 5,000.  Quite simply, you won’t find someone with such a diverse client involving a huge range of different projects. Indeed, over a one month span, Jim found himself speaking before groups as diverse as a national farming organization, a group of nuclear physicists, a leading global retailer, and NASA!

Some of the recent events that Jim has headlined include:

  • PGA – Professional Golf Association of America: They invited Jim to open the 94th Annual General Meeting of the PGA — the first time they have ever brought in an external speaker. Recognizing that we live in a period of significant economic transformation, the PGA felt that Jim’s message on future trends and the need for innovation  would help to set the theme for the event, “Your Future, Your PGA.”
  • NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration): Transformational Leadership. The agency invited Jim to speak to a group of senior leaders to speak on the issue of what leaders do to innovate during times of significant transition, and the transition of innovation throughout the world.
  • Consumer Electronics Association CEO Summit: Brand Innovation At the Speed of Twitter. Jim put into perspective the impact of social networks upon branding, consumer relationships and marketing for this group of senior executives from some of the world’s largest technology companies.
  • NASA Goddard Space Center: Jim was invited to share his thoughts on the future, and opportunities for innovation, e with their top scientists and management, speaking to and sharing his insight with the folks who manage the Hubble Telescope, deep space probes, near earth satellite missions …. The business of space is changing at a furious pace, and NASA invited Jim in to challenge these deep-thinkers as to how to innovate, change and adapt with a fast paced world.
  • Walt Disney Corporation: Innovation in the World of Upside Down Retail. Considered as one of the most innovative organizations in the world, Disney invited Jim to address a senior leadership meeting, specifically for his insight on consumer trends, and the new innovation methodologies underway in the world of entertainment, retail and consumer goods. Management of this master storyteller made this comment after Jim’s talk: “ Jim’s storytelling approach really helps to get his points across!” 
  • The GAP: The Future of Retail: Jim was invited to speak to a group of senior executives at their global headquarters in San Francisco, with a look at the key trends that will redefine the world of retail in the future.
  • World Pharma Innovation Congress: The future of pharma. Jim was invited to be the opening keynote speaker for this prestigious international event held in London, England. Jim challenged the audience to think about the dramatic opportunities unfolding in a world of accelerating scientific and demographic driven change.
  • Subway Restaurants: Fast consumer and technology change: The fast casual and quick service industry is in the midst of a revolution driven by mobile technologies, rapidly changing consumer behaviour, and the faster evolution of new food fashions. Jim led a half day interactive session which helped a leadership and franchise group examine future key trends and innovation opportunities.
  • Produce Marketing Association: Fast retail: Jim provided the keynote for several thousand retailers, produce companies and growers at the annual conference in Orlando, with a message that concentrated on fast paced retail, consumer and product innovation trends.
  • Burger King: Fast Paced Market Change. Jim was the opening speaker for the global franchise meeting of Burger King, speaking before an audience of 4,000 at PlanetHollywood in Las Vegas. Previous opening keynotes at this event have included George Bush, Marcus Buckingham, Bob Dole and Don Shula.
  • National Australia Bank: Innovation Strategies for Financial Advisors & Financial Organizations. A keynote that looked at the key trends and opportunities in the areas of personal financial planning, investment, mortgage and other financial services.
  • National Recreation and Parks Association: The Future of Recreation. Jim was the opening keynote speaker for their annual conference in Salt Lake City, with an audience of over 4,000 sports, recreation and municipal professionals.
  • Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut): Global Management Meeting. Held in Las Vegas, Jim’s keynote focused on innovation and growth strategies in a challenging global economy, including rapid consumer change, retail and technology trends, and the impact of social networking on brand image. Yum! Brands is the largest restaurant company in the world.
  • World Health Care Innovation and Technology Congress: The Future of Health Care. Held in Washington, DC, it’s one of the world’s most prestigious health care events. Jim spoke about the long term trends that will provide for transformative change in the world of health care.Swiss Innovation Forum: Global Innovation Strategies. Jim was the closing speaker for this prestigious international event. He encouraged the audience of 600 CEO’s and other senior executives to rethink the role and importance of innovation, particularly given the impact of globalization, rapid market change, and the rapid emergence of new business models.
  • The World Congress on Quality: The Future of Risk. Jim provided an opening keynote to an audience of 3,000, opening with the observation that “the high velocity economy drives rapid (consumer / customer / business) change, increases their expectations, which requires faster innovation and a faster more complex economy – which perhaps requires a rethink of quality methodology.”
  • The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association: The Future of Recreation. Jim delivered a dinner keynote for dozens of CEOs of some of the world’s largest sporting goods companies, taking a look at the new consumer, the new media spend, and the rapidly changing world of sport and leisure markets.
  • Caterpillar: Moving Upscale – Partnership Strategies and Avoiding Commoditzation. Jim addressed their global dealers meeting to provide insight into the unique and innovative ways that they could enhance customer relationships to reduce the risks of product commoditization.
  • The US Army Corps of Engineers: Creativity and Innovation. The US Army Corps had Jim kickoff an annual conference, specifically focusing on how to instill a culture of creativity and innovation within a traditional command-and-control environment.
  • Playtex / Banana Boat: Outdoor Trends. Playtex/Banana Boat engaged Jim to undertake detailed research into the trends affecting their marketplace in the future. The research evolved into a presentation by Jim that was the cornerstone for a New York PR launch event with the world’s leading fashion magazines. Based upon the success of that event, they then invited him to provide the same insight at their annual sales conference.
  • Parker Hannifin: Innovation and High Performance Sales teams. With $10 billion in sales to the industrial, aerospace and other markets, Parker Hannifin are a global leader in motion and control technologies and systems. They invited Jim to their annual sales conference, to inspire some creative thinking on to how to build innovative, partnership-based customer relationships.
  • The US Government Finance Officers Association: Transformation and Innovation in the Private Sector. GFOA invited Jim to address 3,000 members at their annual conference, with a focus on how to rethink the delivery of government services in an era of heightened expectations and reduced funding.
  • Illinois Governor Tourism Congress: Key Tourism Innovation Strategies. What do innovative organizations in the tourism sector need to do to provide for growth in challenging markets? That was the focus of this keynote for an audience of hundreds of tourism organizations, convention bureaus and meeting planners held in Chicago.
  • Monster Government Solutions: Recruiting and Retention in the 21st Century in the Era of the Emerging Skills Crisis. Part of the global online Monster recruitment firm, they had Jim keynote their annual Washington conference of senior government human resource executives. Jim spoke on the innovative and creative methods that organizations will have to use to cope with the looming skills crisis, and how to deal with skills cost inflation.
  • Nestle: Innovation and the Future of Retail. Nestle engaged Jim to provide a concise, detailed overview of the key retail and packaging trends impacting the consumer products industry, and what they must do to establish an innovative, forward oriented culture.
  • The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC): The Future of Media. The BBC had Jim in for two keynotes focused on the future of broadcasting and media.
  • CEO Magazine Hungary: The Impact of Globalization. Jim was invited to provide a full day session focusing on emerging global economic trends in Budapest, Hungary, sponsored in part by the office of the Prime Minister.
  • The American Federation of Teachers: The Future of Activism! The American Federation of Teachers had Jim do a session examining the future of labour unions, as well as workplace, political, demographic and social activism trends.
  • Methanex: 21st Century Business Strategies. An interactive address for an offsite leadership meeting on the key trends that would drive business transformation in the future, and the opportunities that this might present.
  • Towers Perrin: The Future of Risk. Jim spoke on the unique challenges that the insurance industry would face in the future, with cascading market risk, technological risk, and the risk from the emerging societal “expectation gap.”
  • Diners Club International: The Future of Payment. Jim was the featured keynote speaker for their global franchise meeting, with bankers from 130 countries representing every line of business worldwide. He focused on fast paced technology, business model disruption, micro-payment and other trends that will change the credit card and loyalty industries in the years to come.
  • Fidelity Bank (Cayman): Competing in the Global Economy. Jim opened a conference of leading financial, banking and investment professionals, at an event attended by the Governor, Mr. Stuart Jack, CVO, as well as the majority of Cabinet members of the British Territory. Jim’s talk focused on the rapid pace of change with the provision of professional and financial services, and the innovation challenges that the small island-nation should pursue in the era of rapid consolidation of global wealth into the Far East and Asia.
  • General Dynamics / Northrop Grumman: Transitioning Markets. This opening keynote challenged the leadership team to look at the opportunities emerging in the era of  energy, the environment, health care and infrastructure. The organization, faced with a likely downturn in military spending, is focused on the rapid transition of existing markets and products and new opportunities, and found that Jim’s message would provide the necessary transformative thinking within the leadership team on how to get there.
  • US Department of Defense – Commissary Agency: The Future of Retail. This organization manages the Commissary (grocery, retail) stores at US military bases worldwide. Their goal is to ensure that they can compete with global retail pioneers, while at the same continuing to support the US government goal of ensuring constant combat readiness, and support of the troops allocated for the same goal. The CEO invited Jim to provide the opening kickoff for a two day global leadership retreat in Norfolk, VA.
  • Toshiba Australia: Mobile Technology and Business Disruption. This keynote for 500+ senior executives in Sydney, Australia, looked at innovation trends in the global economy, and in particular, the disruptive change and opportunities that mobile technology will provide in various industries.
  • Pearson PLC: The Future of Media. This keynote for the leadership meeting for the world’s largest publisher in New York, examined the future challenges in the global media industry, with a view to how they could scale and adapt to market change faster.

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