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Why Jim Carroll?

Thank you for your inquiry into booking Jim Carroll for your event or leadership meeting.

No doubt you might be looking at a variety of potential ideas, speakers, and options.

With that, here is some information with respect to utilizing Jim Carroll for your event. The bottom line is in this short, 2 1/2 minute video:

Contact Jim through his office or through the speakers bureau that directed you to this site.

Here’s more info that you need.

1. A track record that is unparalleled

Simply take a look at Jim’s client list – organizations that have engaged Jim in the past include NASA (twice), the Walt Disney Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Whirlpool and many others.  Fortune 500 organizations turn to Jim for his insight on future trends & innovation. Countless national and international associations have also booked Jim over the years to open or close their annual conferences.

Why have the world’s leading organizations booked Jim? Watch this short 2 minute video to learn why.


2. Jim is a master storyteller

Having a speaker that can engage with your audience or team with a proper balance of humour and insight is critical. In the ultimate compliment, Disney referred to Jim as “a master storyteller.

3. He has experience in your industry

It’s likely that Jim is already aware of the issues that need to be addressed at your event. He has vast experience, honed over 25 years of working with leadership teams, in virtually every industry. Take a look at your industry — it’s under the Trends section in the dropdown menu above.

4. Jim undertakes customized research

Let’s be honest, you’ll find a lot of experts and speakers who will give you canned insight. Jim is different — he undertakes extensive, detailed research into your particular issues, trends and initiatives.

Read more about his research activities on this page, which details the extensive customization that he undertakes 

5. He’s focused on quality, not quantity

No doubt as you explore your options, you are encountering speakers, futurists, and folks focused on innovation who pound out 100 or 200 events each year. They’re on the road constantly, doing some 3-4 engagements each week.

But ask yourself this: will your event get the level of attention that it deserves?

Jim does about 45 keynotes or leadership meetings each year. That’s it. That’s all he does. So while you will be making a significant investment in bringing him in, you’ll get what you pay for.

6. He aligns to your message

Your event is critical. It will have a key theme, message, goals and deliverables.

Through the process of working with you in advance of the meeting, Jim will work to make sure that his keynote is perfectly aligned to your goal(s).

7. He has experience

Jim has spent the last 25 years on stage, yet he still carries the original passion and purpose to help you achieve dramatic change. Over 1 million people have seen Jim provide his insight during that period of time.

8. Topics that are current, relevant, and continually tuned and tweaked

Up to date, relevant, and concise. He is constantly tuning and refining his message.

9. Your decision is not that of a beauty contest

You might have a committee that is looking at multiple speakers. Video clips and Web sites are your driving factors for a decision. If that is the case, ask yourself if  your decision process has become like that of a ‘beauty contest’. The fact is, when it comes to content for your event, a good decision shouldn’t be based on a cursory review of a few video clips. It should be how the message and content of the speaker you choose fits into your overall theme and objectives. Jim is known for depth of content and insight.

10. He picks up the phone.

Try it.

Contact him now via phone or email. 

Many organizations, when looking for a speaker, go into a mode in which their aggressive indecision comes to overrule their belief that they really need to engage a real topic expert.

Jim’s advice? You have a big investment in your event. Engage a real expert with a real track record!

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