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What You Need to Know

Thank you for exploring the idea of bringing Jim Carroll into your event or leadership meeting!

The truth is, an investment in Jim is not inexpensive. But consider these facts as you consider your decision:

  • Jim has a 25 year track record with events similar to yours. He know what works, how to deliver, and to work with you to achieve your objectives. Experience counts. 
  • some of the biggest ‘names’ in the world have placed their trust in Jim to deliver his insight for events similar to yours. NASA (twice), the PGA of America, Johnson & Johnson, Chrysler, The GAP, the Wall Street Journal, Dupont. Track record matters.
  • Let’s face it : your meeting is critical, and it is important that your message and Jim’s role is aligned. Canned stuff won’t cut it – customized material will. Learn about Jim’s customization process, and read an example of some recent work he’s done.
  • Jim answers the phone. You can’t get more personalized insight and care than with Jim. Read “We picked you because you answered the phone
  • Your meeting is a big investment, and you need a good return. If it is a meeting of C-level executives, you’ll likely have millions to tens-of-millions of dollars of talent in the room. In that context, does it really make sense to skimp on fees for an external expert? If you have several hundred to a few thousand individuals at your association event, your investment in a keynote speaker is equally important – a keynote speaker sets the tone for the entire event! Value for investment is critical.
  • you might be considering an industry expert or a related vendor who will offer you a presentation for no fee. You’ll end up with either a boring canned speech or a sales pitch. Your event is important — shouldn’t the content relate to that fact? You get what you pay for.
  • some speakers and topic experts are uppity, with ‘jelly-bean riders.’ Who would have thought? Jim’s just a plain nice guy to work with. Enjoy your event with a professional!

Convinced? Pick up the phone and call Jim now: 905.855.2950 or 214.473.4850; or send him an email, jcarroll@jimcarroll.com

Not yet convinced? Then you need to watch these videos!


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