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Keynote: Accelerating Energy: Why Science and Technology is Disrupting The Future of Power, Faster Than You Think!

The future belongs to those who are fast! That’s the mantra of futurist Jim Carroll — and no where has this become a reality faster than in the world of energy and utilities.

There is no doubt that the next phase of the world of energy involves the convergence of a variety of trends, each of which is significant on their own, but combined, provide an opportunity for massive disruption — and opportunity.

‘The era of massive hyper-connectivity at an industrial, commercial and residential level as a result of the acceleration of the Internet of things. The rapid advancement of energy science, particularly with battery storage, alternative energy sources and other leading edge technologies. Business model disruption through the fast arrival of technologies that support personal and local energy energy microgrids through backyard wind, solar, biomass and other forms of energy generation. New demand and infrastructure requirements arising from such significant trends as smart cities, self-driving cars and intelligent highway infrastructure. And then there are simple light poles — which are now becoming ‘fitbits for cities’ with embedded environmental sensors, car-charging technologies, Wi-Fi hotspot capability and traffic management technologies!

But wait — there’s more! At M.I.T. they are even in the midst of research as to how to grow solar cells from plants!

Jim Carroll on stage at the SAP Utilities conference, speaking to several hundred energy executives about the accelerating future!

That’s why no less than the Edison Energy Institute has stated that going forward, ““The threats posed to the electric utility industry from disruptive forces, particularly distributed resources, have serious long-term implications for the traditional electric utility business model and investor opportunities.”

Leading energy organizations worldwide have been booking global futurist Jim Carroll for his insight on the accelerating trends which are redefining the global energy and utility sector at a blistering pace today. We will see more change in the energy industry in the next 10 years than we have seen in the last 100 – are you ready?

In the energy sector, Jim Carroll is known for his thought provoking views on the accelerating trends of today. Jim most recently keynote the SAP Utilities 2017 conference in Huntington Beach, speaking to hundreds of utility executives about the disruptive trends of today.  He provides his insight at small, intimate CEO level events, including two recent leadership meeting for senior executives of Exelon and Allette. Jim was the recent featured keynote speaker, opening the Accenture International Utilities and Energy Conference, with attendees from major utilities and energy companies from 37 countries. Other events ihave included a leadership meeting for nuclear energy engineers from Sandia National Laboratories • the Black & Veitch International Utilities & Energy Conference • Southwest Gas Association • and multiple events for the National Rural Electrical Cooperative  and many more. Jim was commissioned by PG&E’s executive office for a project that raised the interesting question, “Could the Energy Industry Be Mp3’d.”

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