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Keynote: Driving the Future – Linking the Acceleration of Golf to The Speed of Business

Driving the Future – Linking the Acceleration of Golf to The Speed of Business

Is your corporate leadership meeting at a resort, with a little bit of networking on the side? As part of the vent, do you need some unique business insight that will align into your theme? In Jim Carroll, you’ve found the perfect playing partner! He can provide you with a fascinating leadership keynote that will help your team or clients understand the accelerated future of disruption, challenge and opportunity!

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – JANUARY 27: Jim Carroll speaks at the PGA Forum Stage during the PGA Merchandise Show held at Orange County Convention Center on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America).

The PGA of America, one of the largest working professional sports organizations in the world, has engaged Futurist Jim Carroll twice to help them align and adjust their focus to a fast paced future. A world that involves the 3D printing of customized golf clubs perfectly matched to a players stance. Course tee time yield management systems that now rival in sophistication those of leading hotels and airlines. An industry in which GPS golf analysis technology such as GameGolf, fast-moving golf entertainment complexes such as TopGolf, and smart clothing technologies are leading the game to new opportunities for growth. One in social media posts involving Instagram stars and Youtube clips are leading to accelerated interest in the game. Forget the idea of golf being a slow moving, traditional game — it is being disrupted to its core and is being positioned for growth through a relentless drive for innovation and high velocity trends.

In this fascinating presentation, Jim Carroll takes you on a fast paced cart-ride of a voyage into the new realities of business, by carefully linking the accelerated trends impacting the traditionally slow game of golf to the new world of business. One that is driven by the acceleration of business cycles, chipped away by the constant arrival of new technologies and competitors, and carefully stroked to success through perfectly aimed strategies. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear this fascinating presentation, carefully customized for those attending your corporate leadership meeting.

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